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Wall Planks

Thermo-Treated Wall Planks

Pure, Stable, Usable in High Humidity Areas

About Thermo-Treated Wall Planks

In opposite to reclaimed lumber, which was staying outdoors for decades, our product is free of any insects and bacteria.  Bringing reclaimed outdoor lumber to your home is not safe: you’ll bring all chemicals and insects with it.  The thermally modified wood is pure and it is a 100% Green product!
Our planks are perfectly milled, and due to the thermal modification, they will not be shrinking, cupping, and moving on the wall.  The product is made in our plant in Macon, GA from American Poplar and Southern Yello Pine.
Our home decor wall planks are great for both residential and commercial applications such as accent walls, wainscoting, wall tiles, ceilings, wall art, headboards, underbars, upgrades for furniture and doors, and many others.  Every piece is manually selected to combine our sets for the best look and performance. In addition, the planks are wire brushed to make a 3D textured surface.
The thermal treatment makes wood essentially durable: you may use our planks also in high humidity environments, such as bathrooms, kitchens, basements, pool areas, backsplash areas, etc. In each box, we include a DIY installation kit (pre-cut starter/end planks and fasteners).

Therma Planking

Advantaged of Thermally Treated Wall Planks

  • Safe & Healthy: Our wood is free from bacteria and insects of reclaimed lumber from old barns - 100% Green, pure and safe product.

  • Long-Lasting and Stable in Sizes: No movement or gaps are created between planks on the wall because our wood has been thermo-treated, no acclimation is needed.

  • Easy to Install: DIY installation pack included (finishing nails and pre-cut starter/end planks).


  Additional advantages:

  • Unique designs with rich colors

  • Planks may be used in high-humidity areas due to our thermo-treatment.

  • Improved fire rating (Class B instead of Class C for non-treated wood).

  • We’re the only manufacturer in the USA making our wall planks from thermally-treated wood.

  • 50-year warranty

Specification and Packing

Each Plank is: 1/4 in. x 5 in. x 48 in.

In each box: 5 Planks of 48 in. and 1 pre-cut Plank (32 in. and 16 in.)

Coverage of each set (box): 10 SF

Fasteners in the box: finishing nails 16 gage x 1 in. 

Size of the box: 48 in. x 5.25 in. x 1.75 in.

Weight of the box: 6 lbs.

Contractor packing: 5 sets (30 planks) in the box 48 in. x 5.25 in. x 7 in. - 30 lbs.

Design options and SKU's

Smart Planks
All mixes

Mixed Designs SKU's combined form three colors: the SKU number consists of the numbers of designs (for example: # 125 is a combination of # 101 (Grain Wood), # 102 (Holey Wood) and # 105 (Antique Wood)


We offer a full set of 10 basic designs of our wall planks. The samples are 8" long for each color.

Flyers included.

Market and Prices

Our thermo-treated wood wall planks are $60-80 / box for 10 SF (fasteners included).

The low-end segment represents planks of random length and width from $35 to $60 per 10 SF (usually not uniform already bent and twisted in the box and low quality). They are also shrinking over time and create huge gaps between planks. 

The medium segment offers planks similar to ours (3/16 - 3/8 in. thick) at the price level of $60-100 per 10 SF. The planks of other manufacturers are not thermo-treated, twisting and shrinking on the wall over time.

Hi-end priced planks are starting from $140 per 10 SF and up to $200. They are usually thin (1/16 - 1/8 in. to avoid cupping) and offer peel-and-stick installation, but based on the reviews, the sticky foam is drying over time, and planks might fall down in a couple of months after installation. They position themselves as "branded," and sell mostly to fancy architects which don't care how much to pay.


Wall planks flyer
Installation Instruction
100% Green
We made our thermo-treated wood decking in the USA
50 Year Warranty
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