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Why Thermo-Treated?

Creating a Great Added Value for Products  

Undelaying Magic of Thermo-Modification

The changes in the wood become irreversible and are a lifetime.  During the thermo-treatment process, we change wood on a molecular level to make it durable and dimensionally stable. More specifically, the treatment burns poly-sugars and makes wood water repellent on a molecular level which prevents the wood from rotting or decaying and makes it identical to 350-year-old lumber (see the microscope view of wood before and after thermo-treatment).  Thermo-treated wood becomes naturally durable and stable for at least 25 years. Also, the process substantially reduces moisture-related shrinking and swelling because wood repels moisture on a molecular level.  The process is absolutely "Green" with no chemicals added.  As a result, thermo-treated products are 100% “Green”.

Thermo-treated wood decking look
Green thermo-trated wood

Properties of Thermo-Treated Wood

Wood modified on molecular level
Moister related movement reduced 5-10 times
100% Green
We use heat and water steam only to do the modification of wood
Exotic Wood Color
Consistent brown color beyond the surface
Low Maintenance
2-3 years interval
25-year Warranty
Against rot and decay 

Applications of Thermo-Treated Wood

Thermo-Treated Wood is now widely used for all kinds of interior and outdoor projects such as exterior siding, decks, furniture production (especially for gardens), musical instruments, flooring, parquet, windows, doors, fences and highway acoustical barriers. Other products in which thermo-treated wood is ideal are those applications in high moisture environments such as boardwalks, swimming pool areas, trim of yachts, landscape design, manufacturing of bathtubs, wash-bowls, floors and facing tile of bathrooms, and many other applications.


  • Exterior siding

  • Terrace and decking

  • Furniture (especially outdoors)

  • Flooring / parquet

  • Windows

  • Doors

  • Fences and high-way acoustic-walls

  • Pavement of footways

  • Swimming pool areas

  • Trim of yachts

  • Landscape design

  • Bathtubs, wash-bowls

  • Floors and facing tiles for bathrooms

  • Musical instruments

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