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Thermo-Treated Ash and Poplar Siding 

Two faces smart profile, oiled on four sides

Thermo-treated Siding

Thermally modified Poplar siding looks like rich walnut and is a great alternative to expensive exotic wood solutions.  Poplar has a closed-grain structure and shows a uniform color grain with some natural variations.  As non-treated Poplar has a mix of white, green, and gray colors (sometimes in one board), the thermal modification turns all colors into brown shades, which creates a unique and expensive look of the product.

Thermally modified Ash siding creates a rich wood grain look for any construction and offers the beauty of thermally modified Ash. We use just the Highest Grade of lumber for thermo-modification, so no knots or holes in our product. 

We developed a two-sided profile for siding that shows V-groove on one side and a square edge ship lap on the other side.  These two designs are pretty much covering both preferences of the customers from North and South. 

All Siding products come pre-oiled on 4-sides, which doesn't require any oiling on-site after installation. Oiling protects the initial rich color of the wood for at least one year or more (depending on the intensity of the sunlight).  Like any organic material, thermally modified wood will fade under sunlight and gradually turns to a grayish color, which doesn't change the product's characteristics. 

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Thermo-treated Siding
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Ash Siding Gallery

Advantages for Thermo-Treated Siding

  • Real Wood: Thermally modified Poplar or Ash siding are one of the most beautiful real wood siding products on the market for any residential and commercial application.

  • 100% Green: Made from thermally treated wood for indoors and outdoors. No chemicals were added.

  • Low Maintenance Product: Due to increased dimensional stability this siding requires longer maintenance intervals compared to the other wood siding products. 


  Additional advantages:

  • Lighter weight due to thermo modification and reduced moisture 

  • 4-sides factory oiled with UV-protection

  • Reduced combustibility (Class B fire rating)

  • Improved resistance to termites

  • Janka Hardness – Poplar - 500 Lbf, Ash - 1300 Lbf

  • Made in the USA from American Poplar and Ash

  • 25-year warranty against decay

Green thermo-trated wood

Four-Sides Factory Oiling Advantages:

  • Makes product ready to use

  • Prevents fading of color under sunlight

  • Prevents seasonal surface checking

  • Makes wood grain sound and attractive

  • Our free FOUR sides oiling saves you $2-4/SF, which contractors usually charge for ONE-side surface oiling on site; oiling of the backside is extremely important to increase the lifetime of the products

We made our thermo-treated wood decking in the USA

Compare Thermo-Treated Siding to the other siding products

Versus pressure-treated siding: Thermo treated Siding is a 100% Green product, doesn’t crack, shrink and swell as pressure-treated lumber.
Versus composite or fiber-cement siding: Thermo treated Siding is real wood.

Versus Plastic: Thermo treated Poplar looks much more attractive to increase the value of any property.

Versus exotic woods: Thermo treated Poplar is much lighter in weight, easier to work with, more stable in sizes and better in appearance.

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Specification and Packing

Sizes of the Poplar boards: standard nominal siding size 5/4" x 6" (7/8" net thickness), width (coverage): 5 inches. Lengths: majority 8 ft. (for easier LTL and parcel shipment), also longer lengths available (up to 12 ft.) 

4-sides factory oiling - Thompson Clear oil-bases sealant.

Siding has sawmill-cut ends considering that the majority of boards will be cut at installation.

In the bundles, siding shipped locked T&G.


Thermo-treated wood, like any organic material, is fading under sunlight. Factory oiling prevents fading for the first 1-2 years (depending on the intensity of sunlight), and to maintain original color requires oiling every 1-2 years. Oiling also prevents seasonal surface checking. If wood faded, it's easy to restore the original color just by lightly sanding the product's surface. 


The thermal modification protects the wood against decay for at least 25 years.  Nevertheless, the original appearance of the product depends on timely maintenance and usage as directed. 


- Samples of 12 in. long are available

- Flyers added to each pack of samples

Siding Market and Our Prices

Our oiled (on 4 sides) wood siding product is on the level of $15 per Square Foot. It is not the cheapest solution on the market if somebody compares it to plastic and fiber cement, but there is nothing adding so great value to any property as natural wood siding. Compare our thermo-treated oiled siding with other wood sidings on the market and you'll see the difference and our advantages.

In the low-end price segment are vinyl siding, plywood siding, and low lines of fiber cement siding with the price range of $3 - $7 per SF. 

In the medium price segment is the high lines of fiber cement siding with a price range of $8 - $15 per SF. Our thermally-modified OILED Poplar and Ash siding is in this medium price segment with the properties to superior any high-end siding products. 

In the high price segment are exotic wood siding ($18 - $20/SF), high-end composite ($12 - $20/SF), also some Thermowood brands in Europe and the USA.


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