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Elm Hardwood Flooring

Unique Flooring Solution for Hi-End Project for the Low-end Market Price 

Thermo-treated Elm Flooring

Our Premium thermally modified Elm Flooring is made from real hardwood - American Elm, which is durable and stable due to our patented thermal treatment process for at least 35 years with no chemicals added. For Our Elm Flooring, we use pure wood material (Elm), which was thermally treated (“cooked”) under extremely high temperatures 400 degrees F. The Flooring has T&G standard flooring profile on the sides and the ends and is separated into two grades: Clear and Rustic.

The thermal treatment process enhances the color of the wood and naturally changes cells' structure creating an even brown tint that is consistent beyond the surface. Chemicals are never used during the thermo-treatment process, so the material remains environmentally safe. Thermo-treated flooring is stable to use in high moisture environments like bathroom basements and kitchens.

Thermo-Treated Elm appears a unique grain picture due to thermo-treatment: it has a grain go Ash woods with the added thin wave creating a beautiful, attractive picture. 

  • Janka Hardness – 900 Lb.

  • Weight - 3.0 Lb/SF.

  • Class B fire rating.

  • Use standard wood flooring installation, sanding, and cover with clear lacquer.


Elm Flooring

Our flooring has been installed in 23 galleries of famous photographer Peter Lik in the USA. See the website of Peter Lik ( to see our flooring at his beautiful galleries. In one of the galleries (Las Vegas), our flooring is also used as a facade of the gallery (between Luxor and Mandalay Bay). See some of the pictures below.


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