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Smart Decking is:

5/4" x 6" and 5/4" x 5"
Top Quality Heavy Decking Boards
Real Oak
Made from Thermo-Treated Oak
Wire Brushed 
2-3 years interval
Low Maintenance
Zero Waste
Cut to Fixed Length
Four-sides Factory Oiled

Company Profile

How Smart Decking Solution lowers cost of the Decking

Thermo-treated Smart Decking is carefully milled in our automated facility. Spec-milled for uniformity, precision trimmed ends, and removal of defects to produce a Premium Grade wood product. Next Smart Decking is wire brushed to accent the beauty of wood grain and to create a textured anti-slip surface. Smart Decking is shipped from the factory with all four sides of the wood pre-oiled and pre-cut to one foot increments. Smart Decking can be ordered to an exact amount of specific lengths depending on size and configuration of your project. In providing this service we promote a near ZERO waste factor. The cost of ownership of Oak Smart Decking, over time, will be 3-4 times less than that of pressure-treated Pine decking. It is Smart to use beautiful “Green” thermo-treated Oak Smart Decking for a lifetime use of 3-4 times less than your typical chemically treated pine decking. Smart Decking Is as Smart Decking Does!

Cost of Deck's Ownership

Years of ownership






Pressure-treated Pine, contractor oiled, $/SF

Thermo-treated Oak, 4-sides factory oiled, $/SF












$2.5/SF – average cost of contractor’s oiling

Maintenance interval: 1 year for Pine, 3 years for Oak

$2/SF – cost of Pressure-Treated Pine decking

$5/SF – cost of installation for Pine decking

5 years – average lifetime to replace Pine decks 

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