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Westwood Heat Treated Lumber Corp. is the biggest manufacturer of thermo-treated wood products in the USA. Westwood operates three thermo-treatment chambers located in Macon, GA. 


Thermo-treatment is a new 100% “Green” technology used to protect the wood for outdoor applications with no usage of any chemicals. After thermo-treatment, the wood has significantly improved durability, dimensional stability and has EMC 2-4%. The most common applications of thermo-treated wood are: decking, siding, outdoor furniture, landscape structures, windows, doors, docks, boardwalks, flooring, musical instruments, etc. 


Westwood offers thermo-treated Premium Southern Yellow Pine Decking and Siding, and also interior wall planks, made from thermo-treated wood. 

Selling points for thermo-treated Decking and Siding:

  • The products are priced in the same range as KDAT, but much superior the KDAT 

  • 100% “Green”

  • Dimension stability increased 5-10 times

  • Naturally durable for 25 years

  • Made from Prime Grade SYP (clear three sides)

  • Comes 4-sides factory oiled (included in the price) .


Decks have standard sizes 5/4” x 6” x 8’/12’/16’. Boards are wire brushed to create anti-slip surface. The product is four-sides factory oiled (Thompson's Clear water seal).


Thermo Siding comes in two-faces profile (one side is V-groove and the back side is shiplap square edged). 7/8” x 5” wide (net coverage). The lengths of Siding is: 8’ and 12’. Siding is also 4-sides factory oiled. 

The suggested retail price level for Thermo-treated Decking and Siding is $2.40 - $2.80/LF. 


Interior wall planks are 5” wide and 4’ long. Westwood offers 10 color finishes. The planks are packed in shipping boxes by 10 SF. The boxes are 6 lbs each and may be shipped to the store or directly to your customers. 

Selling points for thermo-treated wall planks:

  • Pure and Green product (compared to the reclaimed lumber, which is full of chemicals, insects and bacteria).

  • Stable in sizes (not cupping, twisting and shrinking on the wall).

  • Can be used in high humidity areas (like bathrooms, kitchens, basements) and even outdoors (under roof – terraces, balconies, patios).


These planks may be sold at retail in the price range of $5-6/SF.  Prices of the similar quality wall products on the market are around $10/SF.



Decking and siding are packed in MINI-bundles by 96 boards (24” x 24” x Length). This creates a flexibility to service orders and makes it easier for shipment. At store's request, Westwood may bundle/pack custom size orders for making it easier and quicker to handle jobs at store level and job sites. For this we offer two options of our wholesale purchase: by bundles and by boards.








Westwood offers two retail POP displays (decking/siding and wall planking) with distribution sales flyers.

All POP materials are FREE. We require to send us a picture of your installation of our displays. Also, if in 120 days after installation of displays you'll not get sales of our products, we may ask you to ship our displays back.

We may do personalized flyers with your logo and reference to your store (for free).

For products used for in-store demonstration displays, Westwood will issue a 50% credit.




















Below you may download our wholesale price-lists FOB Macon, GA 31216.

Decking is $1.65/LF

Siding is $1.75/LF

Wall Planks are $32/box. 

The delivered price will be quoted based on the purchase order size and geographical logistics.


Decking and siding orders will be shipped either via LTL directly from the factory or from local distribution or hub-store locations (if available). Wall planks will be shipped via LTL or by UPS.


For decking and siding we offer two options:

- ship in full mini-bundles as shown above for your stock (the best price)

- combine your individual orders by boards (project quantity) at our facility (higher price) and ship it directly to the customer or to your store (you don't need to open bundles as it be already formed in the quantity requested by your customer). 

The minimal order quantity for shipping decking and siding is 12 boards, for wall planks - 6 boxes.

Below is the estimate of the shipping cost for decking and siding bundles (per Linear Foot) for stores closer than 500 miles from Macon, GA 31216 and for stores which are farther than 500 miles. These figures are showing just an idea and for estimate purposes only. The exact shipping quote will be added to your invoice as soon as the product ordered.

For example, the estimated delivery cost to ship 3 bundles of 12' long decking to the store closer than 500 miles will be $0.20/LF. Shipping of half TL will be adding $0.07/LF and shipping of full TL will be adding $0.04/LF.

Half TL is about 20,000 Lbs total (see the weight of the bundles above), and full TL is about 40,000 Lbs.

To ship 6 boxes and more (the minimal order quantity) of the wall planks by UPS, the shipping cost will be approximate $6/box. To ship a full pallet of wall planks boxes (140 boxes) will be about $3/box.

Packing and Shipping
2 foot bundle

Shipping Dimensions, Coverage and Weight

Dimensions Decks
Dimensions Siding



POP materials

Decking Display
Decking Display1
Wall Planks Display

Prices and Delivery

Estimate Shipping


Selling Points for Decking, Siding and Wall Planks

Packing and Shipping

Packing of thermo-treated wood bundle

Estimate shipping per LF


Marketing Brochure "Selling Points" for thermo-treated wood products (useful for sales stuff)

Price-List for Decking and Siding

Price-List for Wall Planks

Thermo-treated wood perceptions research 2017 (University of Minnesota)

Paper form of Purchase Order (send by fax 877-270-1482, or email:

The same Purchase Order Form in Excel (.xls)

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